Professional - Blue Stripe - Reusable face masks

  • Brand: Platex
  • Cat No: PRO - Blue Stripe

Model Professional has special shape modification that allows the mask to snugly fit to the face. This allows maximization of the breathed in air to go through the fabric, rather than the sides of the mask. 


Face masks consist of 3 layers from 100% cotton fabric - two external layers and one specially treated protective layer. All this ensure high level of viral filtration of viruses (including SARS- CoV-2)*.  

The sawn edges give enough durability for repeatedly use. The masks have elastic sring that serves for stable attachment to the face and additional comfort. 


Due to the fabric and the optimised technology of manufacturing, these masks give high protection and durability, even after numerous washing and sterilisation.  


* Platex face masks are effective solutions to reduce the spread of viruses, but even with their high level of viral filtration, their purpose is not to protect the wearer from infection, rather to reduce the spread of viruses.

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How to serialize Platex Face masks?


For serialization wash and iron with steam.

Washing up to 30 degrees and iron on medium heat.


Before using sterilize the face masks.


Безплатна доставка при поръчка над 100 лв за цялата страна.

Доставките се извършват чрез куриерски фирми Speedy и Еконт. До офис на куриера или до вратата на посочения от вас адрес. Всички пратки се изпращат с опция за преглед. Цената на доставката се изчислява автоматично от системата при създаването на поръчка. Безплатна доставка при поръчка над 100 лв!

Доставките се извършват от 1 до 3 работни дни.


Made in Bulgaria Произведено в България