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Our mission is to be helpful to our customers in these hard times, that's why we completely switched our production to what is really needed by everyone now - protective face masks. 

Platex face masks are a sustainable and eco-friendly solution - they are reusable and made of natural materials - 100% cotton. 

Platex face masks are tested by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences with a virus similar to SARS_CoV-2, providing up to 90% Viral filtration.

 Platex Reusable Face Masks are recognized by European Commision as part of "117 solutions to support European and global recovery from the coronavirus outbreak" after our success and 2nd place in category "Protective Equipment" from the competition #EUvsVirus.


We present you our main models of Platex Protective Reusable Face Masks: 


Model Classic face masks have flat rectangular shape with tightly sewn pleats. This allows the face masks to expand in the middle, get in rounded shape and to cover the nose and the chin.

Model Professional are specially modified with a unique shape, which allow the face masks to snugly fit to the face. This maximizes the breathed in air to go through the fabric, rather than the sides of the mask. 

We offer model Professional in a big variety of colors and patterns.

Professional Double-faced - The special shape allows both front and back sides to be used for the face side .We have a selection of different patterns from each side, so you can choose from 2 patterns when wearing your mask.


Both Classic and Professional models consist of 3 layers each from 100% cotton. Two external layers, plus additional protective layer from specially treated protective fabric.

 They are with sawn edges for perfect appearance and additional strength for repetitive use. 

Platex face masks are stably attached to the face with a comfortable thin elastic string.


For us quality is the most important, that’s why we provide a Certificate of Conformance - guarantee for high quality materials and fine workmanship.


For more information check out our catalog with Platex Reusable Face Masks.


* Platex Reusable Face Masks are effective solution for reducing a spread of viruses, but even with their high level of viral filtration, they cannot guarantee protection of the wearer from infection.

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